An Afternoon at Verdura

An Afternoon at Verdura

On July 15, 2019, I died and went to heaven at Verdura in New York City. 

Verdura is the chicest fine jewelry you’ve never heard of. The brand was founded by Duke Fulco di Verdura in the 1920s. He got his start designing a specific style of cuff bracelet for his good friend Coco Chanel (casual). The original cuffs he designed for her are on display in the store. So cool! Verdura also designed for stars like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. 

The company remains deeply in tune with their heritage by introducing designs solely based off of 10,000 archival sketches left behind by Verdura himself. 

Within the Verdura offices is another lovely little hidden gem (sorry, couldn’t help it) called Belperron, the namesake brand of the late jewelry designer Suzanne Belperron. She’s another female pioneer you’ve probably never heard of. Her ahead-of-the-times yet elegant pieces were worn by Elsa Schiaparelli and Diana Vreeland. Below are photos from her amazing lounge area.

Which also happens to have an amazing overlook of Central Park:

My friend Mackenzie recently joined Verdura’s marketing team and offered to show my mom and me around while we were in the city. I grew up with an affinity for jewelry because my grandparents used to craft some of their own and passed it along to me. Getting to see the process of how jewelry is made allowed me to appreciate our experience at Verdura so much more. Mackenzie graciously showed us around the various display cases, and below are my top five favorite things I got to see:

  1. Candy Ring

This ring crafted with amethyst and turquoise was my favorite color combination of the day. This design is one of Verdura’s earliest and comes in multiple versions, all with different stones. I thought this was cool because you don’t usually see a smooth finish on a cut and polished amethyst! 

  1. Byzantine Ray Earclips

These earrings reminded me of the gold floral embellishments I used in the collection I showed in Vancouver (see it on blah blah link to Vogue here), so I gravitated right to them. I think they’d make a great pair of earrings year round and you could dress them up or down!

  1. Five Stone Cuff

The jet black onyx and geometric stone settings are keystone elements of Verdura designs. They have many different iterations of their signature cuff design first worn by Coco Chanel, but this one drew my eye for its daring yet neutral color scheme. Many of the signature cuffs feature a plethora of different stones of all colors. 

  1. Vintage Raja Ring

This ring was so stunning. I love a good blocking of a dark blue against a light blue, and to see a sapphire like this in person was a real treat! 

    1. Belperron Couronne Cuff

Gah, I just loved this bracelet. I thought the design was so unique, timeless, and bold. The bracelet is made from 22K gold, which has a “raw” finish that is signature to many Belperron pieces. The pearls come from the South Sea in Tahiti. If I win the lottery, I’m coming for this piece first!

We had such a wonderful time in the showroom, or at least I did. Pretty sure mom was afraid to touch anything! Thanks again for having us, Mackenzie!

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