Meet Katie Jones, Owner of Buckhead Art & Company

Meet Katie Jones, Owner of Buckhead Art & Company

It’s a goal of mine to use this blog as a platform for other creatives and business owners to share a bit about themselves and their work with the hopes that it might instill confidence in others hoping to follow in our footsteps. I met Katie Jones, owner of Buckhead Art & Company, an airy art gallery located within The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, earlier this summer at an event she was hosting in the gallery and was instantly inspired by her.

Owning my own business at 25 is a lot, and Katie is a couple years younger than me at 23 and she’s responsible for representing her artists and the physical space of the gallery. I respect the heck out of what she does and I had to find out more about her story. Check out my interview with Katie below!

Photo by Tori Gleeson

What do you think makes great art and what do you look for when deciding to work with a new artist? 

I believe that great art connects with the buyer. The purchaser can envision the work within their home, connect it with a memory, or be part of a story. When deciding to work with new artists, I look for passion and drive. Buckhead Art & Company is my world and I choose to represent these artists each day. I want artists that want their artwork to be in the gallery as much as much as I want to represent them. 

What has been your favorite experience so far? 

One of my favorite experiences has been seeing how The Shops of Buckhead Retailers support one another. Abbey Glass gave me the opportunity to display art in her studio and we offer her employees commission off of the sales! We hosted the Spanx launch for Abeille Creations this past June. Taverna has always had our back for ice or a last minute bartender. Charles of Ligne Roset and Nancy at Loccitane are incredible neighbors on our end of the block. I can’t begin to tell you how much they have done for me! The girls from Planet Blue and Rod from Canali send clients our way for event space. Kelly and Justin at Biltong Bar have taken the time to sit down with me and give advice as a young entrepreneur. I look up to them more than they know and try to send my clients their way. Alisa Barry of Bella Cucina and Nicole of M.M. La Fleur and I have been brainstorming on how to collaborate and I look forward to working with them!

Could you give me an example of a mistake you’ve made in the business and how you learned from it? 

One of my biggest mistakes has been spreading myself too thin. I am only human and doing the best that I can. I have learned to take note of the good, and let go of the bad because that’s how we grow. We cannot grow if we do not stop to reflect on where we have come from. 

What do you do to pick yourself up in hard times or stay focused? 

I think it’s important to take only one day at a time. My Mom and Dad always reminded me that God won’t give me what I can’t handle. I pray for my artists and the gallery every night as I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it weren’t in God’s plan. I keep trying to remind myself of that when times are hard. Mistakes are all a part of a bigger story. 

Best piece of advice for someone looking to go on a similar path? 

Follow your heart and give it all you’ve got. 

Buckhead Art & Company is located within The Shops Buckhead Atlanta and you can find them on Instagram at @buckheadartcompany

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